A Fun Wooden Toy for Adults Too

My son came to live with me when he was 13 years old. He still loves his mom, but he was not having an easy time of it with his new stepfather. We all decided together that this was the best solution, and I have been so much happier with it. The two of us try to learn something new at least once or twice a month, and this last month it was learning about a wooden toy called a kendama. My son had found a website, https://bestkendama.ro, and watching the video on that website was really neat.

I will admit that when I first saw the toy, I honestly was not sure what it was or what could be done with one. My son had seen a couple of other videos about it, which is why he wanted this to be one of our things that we like to do together. The previous month it had been hackeysack, which involves eye and foot coordination, and the kendama involves eye and hand coordination. After watching the video, I was not sure that I could ever be that good, but I was going to give it a good honest try!

I ordered a kendama off this site for both of us. Mine is red, and my son’s kendama is blue. It did not cost much money at all, especially compared with how much we use them. My favorite thing about it is that it is such a simple toy, but it requires mental strength to conquer it. When I see my son playing with his kendama instead of a shoot them up video game, it does my heart good. It does help that we are both extremely competitive, so we are doing our best to not let the other one get one up on us.


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