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To Adopt or To Buy?

Getting a dog is not always a walk in the park as it entails certain responsibilities. You have to look after its needs as you cannot expect your dog to just live on its own. As an owner, you have to prioritize their welfare and step up as a human being.

When getting a new companion, you always have an option to buy one, or adopt from your local shelter. By understanding the differences between the two, you will have a better understanding of how you can change the lives of these animals.

The pointers below are some of the things to consider before making the decision to either adopt or purchase a new pet.


The price of buying a dog is always higher compared to getting a dog from your local shelter. If you want to learn more about the different prices of these dogs, your local pet shop and breeders are always your best resource.

Of the two, adoption is always the better choice if you are to consider the price. You can even save more if you are to take a dog from your local shelter as you no longer have to spend on the transportation cost of your pet.

Save a Life

Adopting a pet would mean that you are giving the animal another chance at life. Most dogs in the shelters are those animals that have been abandoned while they were still young or they come from abusive owners. Happiness is what you give these dogs when you adopt them.

One of the global organizations that strongly discourage the purchasing of animals is the Humane Society. Most breeders are only looking after the profit they get from the sale of their pups. You can learn more about the advocacy of this group by checking their website.


With adoption, you can look for a dog that is already trained. These dogs have received basic training and you can learn more about their education when you pay your animal shelter a visit. If you purchase a new dog, you cannot expect that the owner will already train them when they are still a puppy. If you buy a new pet, you still have to spend a few dollars to your new companion trained.

Most dogs waiting for adoption in a shelter are already given training on simple commands. They know how to follow simple instructions so you won’t have a hard time controlling their behaviour.


When getting a new dog, you always consider the breed. Nobody would want to get a pet dog that is known for having a vicious breed. With adoption, your choices may be a little limited, whereas if you purchase a dog, you can get the exact breed you want.

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