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Free Digital Marketing Courses On Coursera

If you are looking for free digital marketing courses on Coursera, then you are in the right place. Coursera has quite a lot of digital marketing courses and after the completion of every course, they provide a certificate as well. So, down below is a list of some of the best free courses for digital marketing available on Coursera.  Hopefully, the provided information will be of help to you.

Free Digital Marketing Courses On Coursera:

Social Media Marketing Certification:

It’s credential, offered by the Northwestern university that is well known in the field. But this is not the only reason to take the course as the syllabus is widely diverse and inclusive. It has numerous student feedbacks and suggestions and also it is a diverse course with lots of comprehensive material and details. This boasts fantastic feedback and comes with bonus materials with each toolkit.

Search Engine Optimization Certification:

SEO is one of the most common techniques for digital marketing. In the coming ages, it’s so critical that people with finance and accounting specializations are taking SEO courses too. This course already has over 24000 students who are learning it with interest. Within this course, there are 6 modules, and all are discussed in detail. Apart from that, you will also recieve a certificate after completing it.

Digital Marketing Certification:

This course is offered as part of the online MBA course, iMBA Degree. It already has over 30000 students enrolled. This includes an overview of 6 courses from industry experts. Kevin Hartman, Arif Rindfleisch, Mike Yao, and Vishal Sachdev teach it. It has 7 sub-topics that go into the marketing detail. The course is on a beginner-intermediate level and subtitles are provided for full comfort and comprehension in multiple languages including English, Vietnamese, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese and many more.

Marketing Strategy Certification:

This school has been previously listed on this chart. One of the other great courses IE business school offers is the certification of the marketing strategy. It boasts great reviews and Ramon-Diaz Bernardo, Associate Professor at IE Business School, teaches this. This has on-demand content for 4 hours, and assignments approved by 4 peers. This course is well structured to reach intermediate level for beginners.

Well, these are some of the courses that are available for free on Coursera. Apart from all these, there might be some other courses too but the ones that have mentioned here are among the very best. So start learning them now.

Digital Marketing

Free Digital Marketing Courses On Udemy

Udemy is one of the most reputed and trusted online learning centers. They have been providing proper online coaching for quite a lot of years. On Udemy, they also offer some digital marketing courses as well and if you are looking for those, then you are at the right spot. Here we have provided a list of some of the best free digital marketing courses available on Udemy. Hopefully, the provided will be of help to you.

Free Digital Marketing Courses On Udemy:

The Complete Digital Marketing Course:

One of the most extensive trainings in digital marketing, which will help you learn different concepts like Google Adwords, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Google Analytics and much more.

The course, which spans 20 hours and has about 8 posts, has already benefited a lot of professionals. You can also learn marketing strategies, market analysis, copywriting, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Quora Marketing and several other features along with the above topics.

Digital Marketing Masterclass:

This course will help you learn how to use social media, content & video marketing to quickly acquire your customers. Along with that, this would also help you get a better understanding of the digital marketing subdivisions

Online Public Relations, SEO, SEM, Facebook Advertising, Instagram and many more. Lots of professionals have already completed the class, who have rated it very highly along with positive feedbacks.

Advanced Google Adwords Training:

The developer of this program is a Google Preferred Partner certified, and has worked with several international companies and will share his decades of experience with the people around the world. The length of this training is about 3.5 hours and this is where he will teach you about the paying digital marketing advertisement aspect that many want to master.

Along with that,  he will also help you understand not only the fundamentals but also new innovations that are used in Adwords, such as using dynamic advertising and Google Display Network’s multi funnel remarketing strategy and search campaigns.

Digital Marketing Masterclass 2018:

Though this one might have been labeled as 2018 but this one still is one of the best courses available on Udemy. The course consists of 32.5 hours of online video tutorial and comes with 21 articles and 28 supplemental resources.

You will be taught about various concepts including Email Marketing, Copywriting & Blogging, YouTube Marketing, Video Marketing, Facebook Groups Marketing as well as Facebook Page Marketing.

So, these are some of the free digital marketing courses that are available on Udemy. There are few other courses too but those are quite outdated and it will be wise of you not choose those.

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Free Digital Marketing Courses That You Can Choose

Are you looking for some free digital marketing courses? If you are then you are in the right place. We are going to share some of the best digital marketing courses that you can choose now and these courses can be availed for free. And after the completion of the courses, some of these would also provide you with a certificate. So, the list has been provided below. Hopefully, it will be of help to you.

Free Digital Marketing Courses:

Google Analytics Academy:

Google needs no introduction and the google analytics academy is one of the best when it comes to digital marketing courses. This Analytics Academy provides a variety of levels of courses, from starters to expert level.

You will be able to monitor and evaluate your business results online after completing the course and make informed decisions and improvements. And besides all these, there are quite a lot of mini-courses on YouTube a well.

Hubspot Academy (Marketing Certification):

HubSpot Academy offers a free marketing course to inform entrepreneurs and marketers about how to build an inbound marketing campaign that can yield results.

The course is filled with helpful and practical knowledge, starting with how to build a blog post to apply a business approach to customers. After passing an approximately one hour test, participants are given an official certificate and a badge to highlight their new skills on a resume or LinkedIn.

Google Digital Garage:

Google Digital Garage adopts a somewhat different approach to digital marketing courses online. Although it covers important topics such as developing a solid web strategy and supporting an online advertising business, you can also learn other skills such as networking and improving security for your online business.

This free online marketing course also gives certification in the Digital Marketing Fundamentals. The course is targeted at the level of beginners and offers a detailed overview of what it takes to create a productive business plan online.

Facebook Blueprint:

Facebook Blueprint is a series of online courses that seek to educate people about how to use the powerful marketing tools that this social network has to offer. Facebook Blueprint lets you develop the skills you need to grow and along with that,  it also offers free digital courses on various topics.

The subjects include a range of situations, from consciousness building to learn about Instagram. The best part is that you can simply pick what you want to learn and Facebook Blueprint will come up with a range of recommended free online marketing courses.

There are quite a lot of other digital marketing courses that you can pick. But before choosing one make sure to research about it as whether or not you want to do this.

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Best eLearning Platform for Digital Marketing

Quite a lot of platforms provide digital marketing courses, but are all of these legitimate? Well, you could come across quite a lot of platforms that just offer to provide digital marketing courses, but actually, they are quite fake and will just loot your money. So, how does one find a legitimate eLearning Platform for Digital Marketing? Well, a list has been provided below, and you can check that out to know more about them.

Best eLearning Platform for Digital Marketing:


Udemy is renowned for its marketing course discounts, and the Masterclass is no different. This package contains 23 courses and is one of the least expensive in the world of digital marketing. The thorough reporting of errors you might make on social media is one of the most critical tips of each course. It’s one of the best marketing courses devoted to implementing marketing campaigns in action.


HubSpot has an excellent blog that provides up-to-date and valuable advice to businesses if you haven’t noticed by now. They do have one of the best free digital marketing courses, on top of that. During this class, you’ll learn how to effectively evaluate your target demographic and become expert in other, less relevant branding and promotional aspects. Included in this course are also concept basics. We love the fact that HubSpot developed a course devoted to developing a whole marketing experience. A compelling alternative for those looking to extend their awareness of digital marketing.

Google Academy for Ads:

This is perhaps today’s most important course in digital marketing. Google has introduced a free course to teach users how to master their different marketing platforms. You will learn how to design campaigns on sites like Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and more after you’ve passed the course. It’s a legitimate credential, remembered, that will improve your resume. It is a little longer but worth it than most courses.


Skillshare is a beautiful platform for digital marketing for all things. The courses are all free and give you the chance to change your life in just months. Although not concentrating on analytics and basic tactics, they are teaching marketers how to use content tools to reduce workload. It’s a course that trains you for the future of digital marketing, and also teaches you practical accounting lessons. This will be your preference if you are looking for a truly flexible option

So, these are some of the best learning platforms for digital marketing. But if you don’t like these platforms, then you can join other platforms as well, just be sure to check whether those platforms are legitimate or not. I hope that the provided information has been helpful to you as well.

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Top Digital Marketing Courses in 2020

Could you just name one industry or a company that has been growing faster than Digital Marketing? No, right? Well, Digital marketing is such kind of a platform that comes with both high-paced growth and opportunities. And how does one get started with digital marketing?

Well, the answer is very simple; you just start working with a digital marketing company. But for that, you need skill and to acquire skills to need to learn about those. So, here in this post, we will be providing you with some of the digital marketing courses that would get you started.

Top Digital Marketing Courses in 2020:

Digital Marketing Nano Degree (Udacity):

This program is a full-feature learning experience ideal after graduation for anyone who is looking for a digital marketing career. The curriculum gives you the ability to learn platform-specific skills while simultaneously gaining a comprehensive understanding of the entire digital marketing ecosystem.

As part of the curriculum, Udacity also provides real-world projects where you can run live campaigns on major marketing channels. Display Advertising is a new addition to their learning journey to teach you how to set up display advertising in Google Ads.

Advanced SEO Program (Simplilearn):

This SEO program focuses on one of the most significant digital marketing fields: SEO and inbound marketing. The world’s digital transition has led to a massive demand for professional SEO professionals who could design websites and manage content and connections to make it more available to digital audiences.

The Advanced SEO software is designed to turn you into a qualified SEO effective and ready for industry. You will master numerous aspects of SEO with inbound marketing campaigns, including on-page SEO, link building, content marketing, web analytics, and comprehensive project experience.

Digital Marketing Specialist Masters Program (Simplilearn):

This brings together learners with all the essential skill sets required for digital marketing and offers a wealth of practical information to help you pass numerous expert exams, such as OMCA, Google Analytics, Google Advertising, Twitter, YouTube, and more, which never look bad on your curriculum vitae.

With its Mimic Pro environment (powered by real-world Google data), Simplilearn offers access to virtual simulations, enabling you to step into the shoes of a real digital marketer, run marketing tests, construct virtual campaigns, conceptualize landing pages and conceptualize other main tasks using virtual memory.

So, these are some of the best Digital Marketing courses in 2020 that you can opt for. Apart from these, there are quite a lot of other courses as well. But what we feel is that these are the best courses that you can choose from now. Hopefully, the provided information has been of help to you.